Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Art Aplenty in Angono, Rizal

Angono, a municipality in the province of Rizal, is home to a bevy of artists...from the millennia-ago-then to the here-and-now.

Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs
Daily 9AM to 4PM

The artists from millennia ago drew, or rather, engraved on rock and their artworks can be found at Binangonan (it is officially part of the municipality of Binangonan but access roads are through Angono). The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs is said to be the Philippines' oldest artworks, dating to 3000 BC. These 127 figures carved on a rock shelter were discovered in 1965 by Carlos "Botong" Francisco. After the discovery, a research team also discovered tools and earthenware. The tools and earthenware are now housed at the National Museum in Manila.

The museum guide is very enthusiastic in sharing information about the site and is very open to questions. He laments though that the tools and earthenware should be housed at the museum at the site, or at least a replica of it. (Sadly, he himself hasn't seen those.)

I am glad the government has taken steps to help protect these petroglyphs. A view deck has been constructed so visitors can view the ancient artworks from afar (thus protect the site from vandals; a security guard is also stationed at the site).

11 Doña Justo St, Doña Justa Village, Brgy San Roque, Angono, Rizal
Daily 10AM to 10PM
Menu Price Range: Php190 to Php370
Serving Size: 2-3 persons

Balaw Balaw Restaurant offers exotic dishes such as beetle larvae, frog, crickets, ants, flowers, cow balls, deer, wild boar, and duck eggs. I was willing to try the ants, but none of the group was up for chewing ants, so we just went for good old pork and chicken adobo, puso sa saging (banana blossoms), and fried itik (duck). All of which were pretty good (I especially liked the puso sa saging, and fried itik), but a bit pricey.

Wooden carvings, papier-mâché figures, and paintings are found around the restaurant. And more of these are found at the second floor of Balaw Balaw which serves solely as an art gallery. There are about a hundred paintings by the late Perdigon Vocalan, the owner of Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery.

Clockwise from top left: The restaurant, adobong baboy at manok (Php270),
kinilaw na puso sa saging (Php240), crispy fried itik (Php250)

Nemiranda Art House
6 Doña Elena St, Doña Justa Village, Brgy San Roque, Angono, Rizal
Tuesday to Thursday 10AM to 10PM
Friday to Sunday 10AM to 12MN
Art House Admission Fee: Php 20

Nemiranda Art House is another art space just a few paces from Balaw Balaw Restaurant. Like Balaw Balaw, Nemiranda is also a restaurant and gallery. The front area is the restaurant and the back area is the art space for Nemesio R. Miranda Jr.'s sculptures and paintings. Restaurant patrons can check out the art house for free; non-patrons need to pay the admission fee of Php20. Look around and try to spot the bird in each of Mr. Miranda's artworks!

Carlos "Botong" Francisco Street Murals
Doña Aurora St, Pob. Itaas, Angono, Rizal

In honor of the National Artist, Carlos "Botong" Francisco, the walls along the street of Doña Aurora are adorned with reliefs of Carlos "Botong" Francisco's paintings. These reliefs were created by local sculptors. The narrow one-way street is best admired on foot.

312 Ibañez St., Brgy. San Vicente, Angono, Rizal
Tuesday to Sunday 8AM to 5PM
Admission Fee: Php 100 adult / Php 70 child

The Blanco Family Museum is an amazing gallery of paintings from every member of the Blanco family. Yes, every family member! Jose "Pitok" Blanco, the head of the family; Loreto, his wife; and his seven children (from oldest to youngest): Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay, and Peter Paul...all artists!

Within the walls of the museum is an astounding collection of art done by the Blanco family over the years. One can clearly see the impressive development of their talent, especially of the Blanco children: From kiddie oil pastel drawings done at the age of 3 to beautiful, minute-detailed oil paintings as they grew older. And it's also a wonder that Mrs Loreto Blanco started painting at the age of 48!

Jose "Pitok" Blanco died in 2008, at the age of 76. The children, all now grown (the youngest now 36), are all still practicing their art.

Paintings by Jose V. Blanco. Bottom left is his 8' x 15' masterpiece "Angono Town Fiesta"

Paintings by (clockwise from top left): Loreto (wife of Jose), Glenn, Noel, Michael

Artworks by (clockwise from top left): Joy, Jan, Gay, and Peter Paul

Other Art Galleries you might want to check out:
Carlos "Botong" Francisco Gallery - Carlos "Botong" Francisco is a Philippine National Artist
Orville Tiamson Gallery
Yab Design – creates small to larger than life resin and fiberglass figures


Monday, September 26, 2016

GPSmyCity: Free Article Upgrade

Ever heard of GPSmyCity app? If you haven't, I am sad you missed my post about it last July. But no hard feelings. I'll gladly give you a little overview:

GPSmyCity is a free travel app for iOS (Android users, please be patient, it is currently under development), containing thousands of articles (and growing!) about hundreds of cities all over the world. You could call it a one-stop-app for your travel research needs. Stumped on where to go? Wondering what (and where) to eat? GPSmyCity will have suggestions right at your fingertips.

Download the app, search for the city of interest, click on an article that strikes your fancy. If you want to review these articles later on, these articles can be downloaded for free for offline viewing. And for an upgrade fee of US$1.99, you can access the GPS-aided maps, which for any traveler would be a godsend. The places mentioned in the article would be pinned on the detailed map, tour routes would be displayed, and turn-by-turn directions between places would be provided. With this app and the map upgrade, you can do away with paper maps and not worry about finding yourself in the middle of nowhere.

So why am I writing about GPSmyCity again? Because a bunch of my blogposts have been chosen by the GPSmyCity Team to be published on the app. And to celebrate, upgrades for the following articles will be given away for FREE from September 26 to October 2!
Click on any (or all!) of the above links and try it out! (If you haven't already downloaded and installed the GPSmyCity app, it will prompt you to do so.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bocas Modern Patisserie

I advise you NOT to follow Bocas Modern Patisserie's facebook page because you will be tempted to run to Bocas every time you check your facebook feed. That's what happened to me. I visited twice in one week!

Every Bocas pastry I put in my bucca (the latin word for mouth, which is the inspiration for the patisserie's name) has been très délicieux! Every pasty so lovingly made and decorated that I would stare at it for a couple minutes getting second thoughts about destroying this work of art with my fork. Of course, in the end, hunger won over art admiration, and piece by piece the work of art went into my big mouth creating a big smile and a big bulging tummy. I ate them all! Even the santan flowers were not exempted! (When I was little I used to pick santan flowers from the school garden and suck its nectar but I never knew it could be eaten...til the chef of Bocas, Chef Jean Louis Leon, caught me pushing aside the red flower and told me I should eat everything on my plate. And so I did.)

But now that my blood sugar level is above normal, I have decided to cut down my just once a week! Now I am content with admiring (and restraining myself from licking) these drool worthy pastry photos while counting down to my next Bocas visit.

Clockwise from top: Lemonsito Tart (Php160), Strawberry Eclair (Php120), Lubi Passion (Php160)

French Opera Cake

Baton Glace in Nougat, Strawberry, Guyabano (Soursop)

Bocas Modern Patisserie
Banilad Town Center (BTC),
Ground Floor of the Main Mall,
Banilad, Cebu City
Monday to Thursday 10AM to 8PM
Friday to Sunday 10AM to 9PM
(032) 232 2050

Bocas Lab - baking classes available
North Atrium
corner AS Fortuna and Highway Mandaue,
Mandaue City
Monday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 10AM to 4PM